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LabKit™ with integrated SciBot™ robot

Liquid Handling & Laboratory Robots

Liquid handling applications are difficult and time-consuming when carried out manually. Liquid handling processes may be carried out efficiently and precisely using the AutoSam™ and SciBot™ liquid handlers and the amount of work required thus considerably reduced.

The liquid handlers may be used flexibly and enable, in addition to an accurate and quick filling of samples, applications to be carried out such as

  • Dispensing
  • Multiple-dispensing
  • Diluting
  • Pipetting
  • Sample preparation
  • Automated syntheses.

A liquid handling system may be composed of an AutoSam™ or SciBot™, a pump unit, where necessary a LabManager® system and further components such as multi-directional valves or hose sensors.

Even complex systems with integrated sensors or an integration into the plant automation system are possible thanks to the possibility which exists to control the processes with HiText™, HiBuilder™ or hteMaster™.


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