LabDos® - Peristaltic Pumps
Superior dosing equipment

LabDos® peristaltic pumps are displacement pumps on which rollers force the medium which is to be fed through a hose from the outside. The fed material thus does not come into contact with metal parts or seals and the pump hose is the only part which is in contact with the medium.

The gentle working principle guarantees secure feeding of media which are highly viscous, abrasive, aggressive, sensitive to shearing, foaming, contain gas and solids, are pure and valuable and also of explosive liquids and gases.

Feeding range, accuracy, suitability for certain media characteristics such as viscosity and media compatibility are typical selection criteria for laboratory pumps. The LabDos® laboratory pump perfectly meets these varied requirements and is good value for money. It is thus the ideal solution for diverse applications: A dosing pump for laboratory process plant, for feeding and recycling, for automatic sampling and for liquid handling applications.

The simple working principle of the peristaltic pump enables its cost-effective deployment from simple feeding jobs up to complex liquid handling.


  • Extremely large working range
  • Self-priming
  • Pressure-resistant characteristic curve
  • Low pulsation feed
  • High viscosity range
  • No valves and washers
  • Feed from vacuum
  • High medium stability, inert, hygienic
  • Gentle feed of sensitive media
  • Suitable for solids-laden media
  • Easy to clean and to maintain
  • Replaceable and stackable pump head (optional)
  • Dispenser function can be integrated
  • Able to be calibrated in g/min and ml/min
  • Robust and compact stainless steel housing
  • High-speed suction, discharging, rinsing
Pumphead P30 P100 P250 Easy-Load Easy-L.-dual Vario4(3)
Feed rate 1 μl…30 ml/min 10 μl…100 ml/min 20 μl…250 ml/min 0,2 ml…1,1 l/min 0,1 ml…0,5 l/min 0,1 ml…1(1,2) l/min
Diameter of hose (inside) (mm) 0,25…2,4 0,5…4 0,5…4,8 0,8…8 0,5…6,4 0,5…4,8 (6,4 mit Sil.)
Wall thickness(mm) 0,85 1,6 1,6 1,6 1,6 1,6
Feed pressure (under suitable conditions) (bar) 0…2 0…2 0…2 0…2,5 0…1,5 0…2,5
Speed range(rpm) 0,01…300 0,01…200 0,01…300 0,01…300 0,01…250 0,01…250
Viscosity 0…150 Pa s
Interfaces RS-232, optional RS-485 (Modbus oder CAN) und analoge Schnittstelle, 0…5 V, 0/4…20 mA
RS-485 Modbus-protocol (opt.) Control of up to 32 pumps via a serial interface
Digital Inputs(TTL-Level) Start/Stop, direction of turn
Drive Low pulsation SofDrive precision drive
Power Supply 24 V DC, 600 mA plug-in power supply, Easy Load and Vario: 24 V DC, 1 A power supply
Degree of protection IP20
Dimensions (W x H x D) 175 x 120 x 250 mm
Weight approx. 2 kg

The values given are maximum values and may vary depending on the hose material, pressure and viscosity. Equipment with other pump heads on request.

Hand-operated external switch

The Hand-operated external switch enables the manual triggering of dispension processes, cable length approx. 1,5m


LabDos®-Bus system

All LabDos® pumps are bus-compatible. The user has the choice between an RS232 and anRS485-based bus system

Further Information

Product code Description
IP-P-LABDOS-P30 LabDos® P30, maximum 30 ml/min, RS232 interface
IP-P-LABDOS-P100 LabDos® P100, maximum 100 ml/min, RS232 interface
IP-P-LABDOS-P250 LabDos® P250, maximum 250 ml/min, RS232 interface
IP-P-LABDOS-P-EASYLOAD LabDos® Easy-Load, 3 rollers, maximum rotational speed 300 rpm
IP-P-LABDOS-P-EASY-E LabDos® extension pump head Easy Load, 3 rollers, maximum rotational speed 300 rpm
IP-P-LABDOS-P-EASY-DUAL 2-channel pump head Easy Load, 3 rollers, maximum rotational speed 300 rpm
IP-P-LABDOS-P-EASY-TC 2-channel pump head Easy Load, 3 rollers, maximum rotational speed 300 rpm, maximum 500 ml/min
IP-P-LABDOS-P-VARIO LabDos®-vario, without pump head, RS232 interface
IP-P-LABDOS-P-VARIO-3 Peristaltic pump head, 3 rollers, for LabDos®-vario
IP-P-LABDOS-P-VARIO-4 Peristaltic pump head, 4 rollers, for LabDos®-vario