HiClave High Pressure Process Plant

HiClave high-pressure reactor systems are a proven solution for high-pressure reactions, especially on multi-phase systems.

They may be supplied in a volume range of 10 to 250 ml, with a maximum pressure of up to 300 bar and a maximum temperature of up to 300 °C. Thanks to the pure metallic pressure cap seal, the system achieves a tightness which enables highly accurate measurements of gas consumption. Up to 7 media connections are possible.

For reactors of 100 ml content and larger the connections may be partially or fully routed around the outside of the cover flange.

This enables better handling and creates more space for peripherals. Various heating/cooling systems, magnetic stirrers or magnet-coupled overhead stirrers and varied forms of gas and liquid supply systems are available.

They may be operated as single and parallel reactor systems. In addition to the standard configurations, you can have systems manufactured especially to suit your demands.

The Advantages of HiClave

  • Directly sealing cover
  • Open, expandable system
  • Simple handling
  • Cooling option

Suited for the Following Processes

  • Hydrogenation
  • Oxidation
  • Carbonylation
  • Polymerization
  • And many more

Standard Systems

HiClave systems are built up in a modular manner. The components described below form the basis for versatile pressure reaction systems. They can be adjusted to suit the demands in each case and upgraded with the aid of the auxiliary modules and components.

10 ml and 20 ml Reactors

10 ml and 20 ml reactors have a cover with a union nut and a central media connection with a crosspiece. The centre connection of the crosspiece is occupied by the interior temperature controller, those at the side normally with the media connection and manometer.
The reactors are tempered using a magnetic heating stirrer with a heating block and stirred using a magnetic stirring rod.

Hydration module

The VL-HICLAVE-HYDR hydration module enables a complete hydration process to be carried out including inert gas rinsing and leak testing of the reactor without any manual Intervention. As a result, no-one has to be present in the high-risk area during the time in which the reactor is under pressure. For this, inert gas is applied to the reactor up to an adjustable pressure and then aerated. This rinsing cycle may be repeated as often as desired. Subsequently, a pressure check with inert gas is performed. The duration of the check and the tolerance for passing the test are freely selectable.

Frame Square anodised aluminium profile, stainless steel platform for the reactor
Reactor 10…250 ml stainless steel reactor (optionally in Hastelloy), 300 bar, 300 °C, optionally 450 °C, rupture disk
Stirrer Stirrer with magnetic coupling, speed 200…1.500 rpm, maximum torque 20/50 Ncm, including an analogue interface for the speed control (reactors ≥ 50 ml) Or: Magnetic heating stirrer with a heating block and magnetic stirring rod (Reactors ≤ 50 ml)
Heating/cooling system Heating sleeve/cooling plate (alternatively a cooling loop), working temperature range 40…350 °C in the jacket, heating power up to 700 W Alternative: Magnetic heating stirrer with a heating block
Sampling Sampling Manually
Gas injection Reaction gas under pressure regulation via MFC, including gas consumption measurement, by-pass valve
Inerting Inert gas under pressure regulation, exhaust gas via a high-pressure solenoid valve
Dosing system, gravimetrically GraviDos® high-pressure dosing system up to 300 bar, alternatively/optionally a high-pressure pump and balance
Sensors Reactor interior temperature, jacket temperature, reactor interior pressure, speed, ATR-FTIR
Automation Example of two autoclaves: LabManager® 2 with the following equipment: 4 Pt100 temperature measurement inputs, 4 analogue inputs (current and voltage), 4 RS232 interfaces (stirrer, hydration modules), 4 GraviDos® connections, 8 digital outputs 2 safety temperature controllers HiTec Zang OS, TFT monitor, uninterrupted power supply and a UPS management system, LabVision® software package with project module library and EasyBatch This automation system can monitor 2 reactors, an expansion to 4 reactors is possible
Materials Mainly stainless steel 1.4571, other types of stainless steel, Hastelloy
Product Code Description
VL-HICLAVE-SC-n HiClave Frame for HiClave pressure reactors, tubing, cabling, pressure sensors
VL-HICLAVE-ws-vol HiClave pressure reactor, manometer, Pt100 temperature sensor, rupture disk
VL-HICLAVE-HEABAN-vol Heating sleeve, 230 V AC 500 W, double temperature sensor, thermal protector
VL-HICLAVE-COOLP Cooling plate for mains water or thermostat connection, with 24 V solenoid valve
VL-HICLAVE-STIRR-20 Magnet-coupled overhead stirrer, 20 Ncm
VL-HICLAVE-STIRR-50 Magnet-coupled overhead stirrer, 50 Ncm

n ( = Number of reactors): 1 bis 8
ws ( = material): Stainless steel 1.4571 (SS 316Tl): e, Hastelloy C4: h, special material: s
vol ( =working capacity): 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, 250 equivalent 10, 20, 50, 100, 150 or 250 ml