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SoliDos Solid Matter Dosing System save time!

The SoliDos solid matter dosing system is suitable for the dosing of powdery and granular solid mat­ters.

For the labo­ratory technician, the manual adding of solid educts at specific times, or the ad­justment of the pH-value through solid matter ad­dition are a time-con­su­ming matter.

SoliDos can be run through a specific control device or directly through a PFM (pulse frequency module) modulated digital output of the LabManager.

Thanks to its especially slim design, SoliDos ide­ally fits into the reactor installation.

Properties and Functions

  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Suitable for powder and granular material-dosing
  • Large range for the dosing rate
  • Novel mechanics prevents fusing and dome formation
  • Minimum floor space required, very simple installation
  • Can be completely dismounted for cleaning
  • Combination with GraviDos gravimetric dosing is possible
  • pH-adjustment with solid matter
  • Seeding of crystallization processes


The dosing rate can be adjusted via the rotation speed and the volume of the lock chamber.SoliDos is applicable for an active digital output of a LabManager.SoliDos can also be run through an optionally available, separate control device.


For assembly, the SoliDos is directly mounted on to a  NS 29/32 standard grinding socket. 

Optionally, a nitrogen flushing connection and a side refilling nozzle can be provided.  The dosing matter, also during the running operation, can be refilled manually or automatically through the lateral refill-socket by a mounted storage container. SoliDos is built out of resistant materials. The standard model is made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and POM.  Alternatively the material PTFE is available.



PTFE is a registered trademark of DuPont.

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